Join us as we create a supportive community.

We are a group of community members and organizations committed to the well-being of people living with dementia and their families.

People living with dementia can continue to live a full life for years following their diagnosis. The entire community benefits when all members contribute.

We provide interactive educational sessions for businesses and organizations that want to become Dementia Friendly. Click here for steps to getting recognized. 

Enjoy this 4-minute video of persons living with dementia, filmed and edited by Warren Wilson student, Matthew Tennant. Music by Scott Holmes.

We know there is a stigma associated with dementia. This means that individuals with dementia are often excluded, looked down on, dismissed, and discriminated against. We are working to reverse that stigma by creating an inclusive, educated, and supportive community.

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Asheville Art Salon, Asheville Art Museum 2017

Dementia Friendly WNC is committed to increasing awareness around dementia and decreasing its negative stigma.  We aim to ease fears and increase comfort levels for those interacting with people living with dementia, encouraging those who attend our awareness sessions to take concrete action to reach out to those living with dementia.  We partner with people living with dementia, involving them as members of our steering team decisions and including their voices in our awareness sessions.

Dementia Friendly Recognition

A Dementia Friendly organization is one in which people living with dementia can comfortably interact and receive services.   Recognized businesses and organizations take steps to make their spaces inclusive. Staff and management embrace dementia friendly service and communication.

With this program, we can open doors for people living with dementia to reduce isolation and interact with them in supportive ways. We know that the entire community benefits when all members are valued and included.

If you wish to have this program at your organization. Please click here to to arrange an educational session for the program.

If you have questions, please email us: