A Dementia Friendly organization is one in which people living with dementia can comfortably interact and receive services.   Recognized businesses and organizations take steps to make their spaces inclusive. Staff and management embrace dementia friendly service and communication.

With this program, we can open doors for people living with dementia to reduce isolation and interact with them in supportive ways. We know that the entire community benefits when all members are valued and included.

The session can be offered from 30 minutes or longer and participants will learn:

  • Basic Dementia facts, WNC & statewide population figures
  • Principles of Dementia Friendly America & Dementia Friendly WNC
  • How to communicate effectively within day-to-day customer engagement
  • Dementia-friendly business strategies & personalized action plan

What is a Dementia Friendly business?

As we strive to create a welcoming, knowledgeable atmosphere in the realm of dementia awareness, we will be contacting businesses and accepting partnerships to strengthen our Dementia Friendly WNC mission and create a unique differentiator to your business model.

According to research commissioned by the Alzheimer’s Association (www.alz.org), Alzheimer’s disease costs U.S. businesses billions each year, stemming from lost productivity and absenteeism with primary caregivers and the business share of health and long-term care expenses. On the customer front, making it easier for people with dementia to do everyday business out in the community has clear benefits:

  • Retain existing customers. If customers who have dementia and their family caregivers don’t find it easy to use a business, they will likely seek out another.
  • Attract new customers. 60% of North Americans with dementia live at home, often with support from families, friends, and the community. Staying engaged in community life means using the businesses that are easy to navigate and have helpful, aware staff.

In this video from HelpForAlzheimersFamilies.com, Dementia Friendly principles allow the Garner family to feel welcomed, supported, and acknowledged by their local businesses: Why Dementia Friendly Business?

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. Be a part of the change in our community that will keep the doors of WNC open to the aging population & those living with dementia

Comments? Suggestions? Questions? Contact us! WNCDementiaFriendlyCommunities@gmail.com