In the WNC region nearly 20,000 adults are living with dementia. 2800 people are living alone. Over 56,000 caregivers are providing care with little help.

We provide an interactive education program to raise awareness and dispel myths about dementia. Our goal is to open doors for people in our community living with dementia by reducing isolation, fostering supportive environments, and creating meaningful interactions.

We began as a small grass roots group in 2015 & we’ve expanded our membership to over 300 people!  We started with a community assessment, asking what does our community know and need? One of our goals is educating others & creating a knowledgeable, aware community. We work with organizations to create opportunities for engagement for people living with dementia. 

Aging is the greatest risk factor for the development of dementia. Buncombe County is aging more rapidly than other counties, with an 31%  increase in people 65 -74, 106% increase in ages 75 -84, and a 90% increase in ages 85+ expected by 2036.  This equals 4500 people currently in Buncombe, and up to 9000 people by 2050.

We recognize that our area abounds with older adults living with dementia and those family caregivers supporting them, many of which would love to remain active and engaged as participants in their community services, social activities, and beyond.

Our strategy stems from the NC State Plan for Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias

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