Dementia Friendly WNC provides free, interactive dementia awareness sessions to faith groups and businesses, providing information to decrease stigma and teaching skills to help make communities more dementia friendly. 


We provide up-to-date information and teach skills to help make communities more dementia friendly.  Over 98% of participants in these sessions rate our programs as extremely effective.  Our work has led to over 95% of attendees reporting increased comfort levels interacting with people with dementia.  Individuals attending sessions report reaching out to engage people living with dementia, and organizations report that they are making changes to support a more inclusive environment that is more welcoming and easier to navigate. 


With this training we can open doors for people living with dementia to reduce isolation and interact with them in supportive ways. We know that the entire community benefits when all members are valued and included.


For training locations, please see our Calendar. For past training sites, please view our the list here


If you are interested in hosting a training in your community or facility please contact