Voices of Dementia

People living with dementia are leaders and active participants in our organization. Their perspectives guide us.

Larry Hamilton
Larry Hamilton, reading one of his crafted poems

People living with dementia in WNC

“Riding my bike is the only time I feel like I don’t have Alzheimer’s. I am going to ride for as long as I can.” 

Larry Stanley
Denise Baker, at her home with her bunny

“Every day brings a new adventure. What will I see in a new light? What kindness will a friend or stranger gift me? What can I do to help someone else? The possibilities are endless.” 

Denise Baker

“As a caregiver, I have a much deeper appreciation for the time we have together as a family and I have learned to focus on all that we can do together. It just takes a lot more planning and patience.” 

Michelle Goyeau

“After my diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, I have had to re-create myself. Living out of my heart and less out of my head allows me to live in the now. Living in the now and placing friends and family in my heart takes away some of the burden of Alzheimer’s. Bike riding, walking, hiking and learning pottery create a safe and full life.”

James Hyde

“I was a whole person the moment I was born.  I was a whole person, yes, even in my teen years.  I am a whole person now.  Even near death, even in death I am a full and whole person. Never will I be 3/4 of a person, 1/2 of a person nor 1/73 of a person.  There has not, nor will there ever be a moment in my life when I am not a complete human being. …I am always me. Please talk with us NOT about us.”

Dementia Friendly WNC Training Participant